We teach doctors how to beat stress and take control of their work

Are you a GP, hospital doctor or healthcare professional on the edge of stress and burnout who wants to thrive at work, feel calm and competent and love what you do again?
We have put together a simple yet powerful set of tools which will help you beat stress, stay resilient and manage yourself and your colleagues much better. It’s called the Shapes Toolkit and is based on key principles of neuroscience, psychology and coaching.
The Shapes Toolkit training is delivered through workshops, one-to-one coaching and online training  – choose a format that works best for you.


We also deliver the Shapes Toolkit training for professionals in high stress jobs in other organisations. Please visit our other website for more info and resources.
The Shapes Toolkit

Every GP should do this course – at the start of their career and every 5 years.

– GP Senior Partner, North London

What we offer.

Keynote speaking

Expert talks on Resilience by Dr Rachel Morris, a GP with 15 years of seeing patients who were ill because of workplace stress and decided to do something about it.

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Online courses

Courses designed to help GPs beat stress in their workplace and develop a career that they can thrive in.

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One-to-one coaching

Our one-to-one coaching will help you get to the bottom of issues of resilience that you might be struggling with, develop the confidence to move forward in your chosen roles, and design and diversify your working life to create a career in which you truly thrive.

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Shapes Toolkit

The Shapes Toolkit Workshop includes a series of wellbeing, resilience, productivity and coaching tools to help busy doctors and health care professionals thrive in their work

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The Shapes toolkit programme.

The Shapes Toolkit training is a one day interactive resilience workshop which gives doctors and their teams a complete toolkit to help be more productive, take control of their work and beat stress and thrive. Each Shape represents a simple coaching model that you can use to help you in your day to day work.

Introduction to the Shapes

These 7 shapes provide the tools and mindset to help you and your colleagues to thrive

The zone of power
The vortex
The coaching pentagon
The drama triangle
The prioritisation grid
In the corner
The stressors hexagon

Resources for thriving.

Episode 127: After Burnout: Going Back to Work with Dr Katya Miles

When major issues occur in your life, it’s often necessary to take a break and deal with them, and of course, there’s also the other reasons we take significant time off work - maternity or parental leave, taking a sabbatical or taking a career break. If you want to know how to go back to work thriving, stay tuned to this episode.

Episode 126: Using Nature to Answer Your Big Questions With Henri Stevenson

Henri Stevenson joins us to talk about the ways connecting with nature can shift our thinking and open up new solutions. We discuss the differences in our thoughts and feelings when we're in nature versus within artificial walls. She shares her stories of finding metaphors for life situations reflected in nature and what she learned from them. Henri reminds us that sometimes, the solutions to our problems may show up in quiet spaces when we take a few moments to connect with nature. Curious about how to take time to learn and connect with nature? Learn how and much more when you tune into this episode!

Episode 125: How to Say No and Deal with Pushback with Annie Hanekom

Everyone has difficulty enforcing their set boundaries, from top-end executives to junior employees. Logically, we know that we cannot do everything people want, but biologically, our minds are hardwired to please people. In this episode of You Are Not a Frog, Annie Hanekom guides you through how to say no and deal with the inevitable pushback.

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I feel much more positive about my job and my choices, something that was seriously lacking.

– Portfolio GP, North London

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