Rebecca Balzano

The driving force behind Rebecca’s practice in personal and professional development is the integration of these two often separated worlds of ‘life’ and ‘work’. Having coached a broad spectrum of people from entrepreneurs and consultants to artists and food writers, Rebecca encourages her clients to adopt a holistic approach to fulfilment by uncovering life values and personifying these into their profession.

Rebecca’s practice is underpinned by years of experience in People Development roles, from the University of Cambridge to biotech startups and running her own business and team of 15. This background in leaderships people management is bolstered by extensive CPD and self study of emotional intelligence, behaviour addiction recovery, NLP, relationships (both work and personal relationships) and Neuroscience. With an ICF regulated qualification in Personal Performance Development, Level 5 Leadership and Management, Level 3 Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, Masters NLP, and forthcoming Level 5 SFEDI Diploma and many hours CPD in coaching she has the qualifications to support the practical experience in Coaching and People Development.

Last year Rebecca summited mount Kilimanjaro, this year she too part in a 15km open water swim in Scilly to raise over £2000 for Bowel Cancer UK and next year she has set the bar even higher with Everest Base Camp aspirations. Raising a family and her love of travel and adventure have been key to growing awareness and interest in health, sustainability, corporate social responsibility and contribution practices.

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