Episode 35: The Power of the Positive with Dr Amrita Sen Mukherjee

In this episode of the podcast, Rachel is joined by Dr Amrita Sen Mukherjee, a portfolio GP with a special interest in occupational health, a Next Gen GP lead and the RCGP First5 Wellbeing lead as well as mother to two small children. 

We talk about the power of positivity and how this works during difficult times such as those we are experiencing right now. Ami is undertaking a Masters in Positive Psychology and we discuss some of the positive psychology principles and research around how this can help us. 

Keeping a list of things we are grateful for, creating an album of meaningful photos and reflecting on why they are meaningful are two ways in which we can increase our positivity – which the helps to re-wire our brains. 

We discuss the importance of accepting what we can and can’t control, the importance of autonomy and purpose in our lives and chat about the small and practical changes we can all make to increase these elements in our work and home life. 

Ami’s top tips:

  1. Plan positivity
  2. Do team check-ins regularly
  3. Remember the basic stuff – it’s OK to laugh.

Keep up the good work. Keep your heads. Keep caring. 

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