We’ve cherry picked some handy resources to help you reduce stress and increase your resilience. You can take back control, thrive in your workplace and love what you do.

If you’re a GP in a high stress job and you want to thrive rather than just survive, these resources are for you. Use these to help you be the master of your own destiny. Make simple changes which will make a huge difference to your stress levels, your resilience and productivity and help you enjoy life again.

Resources for thriving.

What does resilience in General Practice really mean?

36 minute video podcast

A video podcast where I talk to eGPlearning about resilience vs burnout and how to protect yourself as a GP

You are not a frog – a podcast for GPs

30-40 minute podcasts

A podcast for people high stress jobs who want to thrive rather than just survive. Most of us went into medicine to improve people’s lives, and have an interesting and varied career.

Are you burning out? My BBC article about this occupational phenomenon.

1 minute read

Are you exhausted all the time, feeling cynical towards your work responsibilities and find the demands of your job overwhelming? You could be suffering from burnout.

1 minute read

Ever had that niggling feeling that you’re not firing on all cylinders? Here are some ideas to help you lose weight, make you concentrate better and be more creative.

1 hour watch

This helpful video will give you the tools to tackle embedded issues that create a workplace that’s challenging to thrive in.

50 minute watch

Find out what scientists and performance coaches know for sure about how we can get the best out of ourselves and our teams, without ever burning out.

50 minute watch

A pathway through stress management to help you get the best out of yourself and your team, backed by scientific evidence.

The Health and Safety Executive’s guide to beating work-related stress.

10 minute read