Training and coaching resources to help you and your team thrive

If you’ve enjoyed our podcast episodes and would like to apply the concepts Rachel talks about to your own life and work, here’s how you can find out more.

Shapes Academy

Online membership for healthcare professionals in high-pressure roles who want to find a better way of working. One that’s not about doing more, pushing yourself harder, or blaming others around you.

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Beat Stress & Thrive

Start here if you’re feeling overwhelmed, under pressure, and need some space to think. This 4-module e-course will help you beat burnout and find balance. Learn neuroscience-based, proven techniques to help you be more effective, stay calm under pressure, and enjoy life.

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One-to-one coaching and team development

Healthcare workers have often had no support in developing their careers. We know that you will be happier and more successful at work if you focus on your strengths and develop a career where you’re doing much more of what you love.

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Shapes Toolkit Live Training – Keynotes and Workshops

In-person and virtual trainings and keynote talks for organisations. We offer one-off workshops; full and half day training sessions; tailored programmes and more.

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