23rd November, 2021

Dealing With the Guilt of Not Being Okay

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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Dr Nik Kendrew unravels why we experience overwhelming guilt when bad things happen to us. He also shares some tips, techniques, and resources to cope with difficult times and circumstances. Apart from this, Nik talks about the significance of scheduling our entire day to do important things. Finally, he discusses why setting boundaries is necessary to maintain our sense of self.

If you want to learn how to stop feeling guilty when uncontrollable things happen to you, then stay tuned to this episode!

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Dr Rachel Morris: Is getting the day job done right now overwhelmingly hard? And, do you ever feel guilty about the things that happen to you that are beyond your control as a result? Perhaps things like exhaustion and stress or a serious health problem. Meaning, you have to take time off which may leave your colleagues in the lurch. This happened to this week’s guest and you are not a frog regular Nik Kendrew. He actually ended up in resus with a cardiac problem, worrying about who was going to do his on-call for him. Whilst we may look…

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