14th December, 2021

How Not to Settle for the Way it’s Always Been Done

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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We’ve got a lot to handle in the medical field — irate patients, pressure to succeed, and who knows what else? But sometimes, the problem is the system itself. We can’t allow ourselves to grow comfortable in a toxic environment. Look around and see where you can create a change for the better.

In this episode, Dr Abdullah Albeyatti talks about improving your life and career by making changes and taking risks. He also explains why settling for what is familiar could be slowly ruining your life and how you can avoid this situation. Finally, he shares his top three tips to become a changemaker in your field.

If you want to start doing things to create a change and take more risks, then this episode is for you!

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Reasons to listen

  1. Learn when you need to stay or leave your chosen career
  2. Discover why taking risks can make you happier
  3. Uncover Dr Abdullah’s top three tips to create a change

Episode highlights


How Abdullah Overcomes Challenges


The Biggest Barriers


Why People Hate Change


The Feeling of Failing


Try and Realise


Bringing in the Lean-Agile Mindset to Doctors


On Limitations and Failure 


How Abdullah Maintains His Tenacity 


Knowing What Battles to Pick 


On Where to Start 


Enjoy the Journey 


Pursue What You Love


Three Tips to Create a Change

Episode transcript

Dr Rachel Morris: Have you ever pointed out things which could be done better only to be called a troublemaker? Or can you see loads of things in your day to day work which need to change, but trying to do so seems like more hassle than it’s worth? Perhaps you’re in a holding pattern, waiting until this person retires, or that person leaves so that you can eventually start to make things better at work. This week, Dr Abdullah Albeyatti joins me on the podcast to talk about how to make changes for the better to your work, your…

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