11th January, 2022

The Simplest Way to Beat Stress and Work Happier

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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In this episode, Dr Giles P. Croft joins us to discuss how stress starts with our thoughts and emotions. He talks about how the mind works and its tendency to create narratives and predictions that stress us out. We also delve into the importance of allowing ourselves to calm down and letting go of the things we can’t control.

Episode highlights


Past YANAF Episodes with Giles


Where Does Stress Start?


How People Work the Same Way


What to Do About Valid Fears and Thoughts


Our Default State


How to Calm Down


Context Changes Our Thoughts 


What Thoughts Do We Ignore or Listen to? 


Stress Less


Practical Tips from Giles

Episode transcript

Dr Giles P. Croft: Don’t get me wrong. The thoughts that we’re having, they make total sense. They’ve evolved to make total sense. 75,000 years ago when we split off from the chimps or whatever, and we evolved this ability to think about our own thinking, it’d be no good would it if we had this thought, ‘That might be a sabre-toothed tiger? Is it a sabre-toothed tiger?’ Do I believe my thinking there and had a debate about whether or not we believe our thinking? It’s evolved. It’s evolved to look so, so, so real and so true. Dr…

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