25th January, 2022

Defining Your Own Success in Life

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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We all have our own take on what success looks like. Throughout our careers, we’ve conditioned ourselves to work extra hard to get to where we want to be, but many professionals who have reached high levels of success seem to be unhappy. Is this really what success looks like?

There is no one definition for success. We’re all different — from our talents and skills down to the priorities we have and the trajectory of our careers. You have the freedom to define success on your own.

In this episode, Dr Claire Kaye joins us to talk about the importance of honesty and clarity in defining our own success. We may think that achieving certain goals will make us happy, but evidence shows us it’s the other way around. It’s only when we’re happy that we can be successful. We also discuss how to overcome common barriers to our happiness and success such as fear, guilt, and uncertainty.

If you want to know how to live a happier and more successful life, stay tuned to this episode.

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  1. Discover how to redefine success on your own terms
  2. Find out how you can prioritise your own happiness
  3. Learn about the common blocks we have around change, and how you can alter your mindset.

Episode highlights


How Does Dr Claire Define Success? 


Success and Passion 


Why It’s Important to Find Happiness First


It’s Not About the Goal


How to Plan Your Success


How to Stay on Your Plan 


Common Blocks Towards Success


Change Your Mindset 


Change is Not Failure


What to Do When You’re Overwhelmed


Find Clarity 


Dr Claire’s Top Three Tips

Episode transcript

Dr Claire Kaye: Maybe, success was different for me — maybe that label that I thought was success wasn’t actually my success. Gradually, what I’ve done is worked out what my definition of success is, and I have found it personally incredibly liberating to know what success is for me. Dr Rachel Morris: Are you outwardly very successful, but inwardly concerned that your successful life isn’t living up to expectations or making you happy? Or do you feel guilty that you could have accomplished so much more and being more successful, but you’re actually quite happy with the way things…

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