1st March, 2022

Why We’re Ditching the Term ‘Imposter Syndrome’

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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Everyone’s experienced self-doubt at some point. However, downplaying our accomplishments and skills might lead to negative self-talk. That’s not to say questioning yourself is completely bad — sometimes it can spur you to improve!

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Sarah Goulding: If somebody feels that they identify with the title ‘Imposter Syndrome’, and I know it’s really common—almost like it’s a badge of honour. But who’s given you that label? Is it you or has it come externally? Actually, it has more of a toxic connotation and that it suits other people to put you in that box? Because it makes you feel unworthy and therefore, that’s an advantage to an organisation, or another person. Rachel Morris: Have you ever been accused of having imposter syndrome when you’ve been working somewhere where the culture is undermining you at every…

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