29th March, 2022

What I Got So Wrong About Mindfulness and How it Might Transform Your Life

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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This week, Steve Pratt joins us to discover the benefits of mindfulness. We talk about how mindfulness is used to be able to live happier and less anxious. We also teach you how you can develop mindfulness practices and incorporate them into your life.

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Dr Steve Pratt: Six weeks in, my brain just changed. I realised that I would have periods of feeling low for no obvious reason. It would often be my day off ā€” but that went and hasn’t come back. I’d be moving between practice, going to run a course, and I’d worry about the third patient from the end in the last clinic, and whether I’ve messed that up. Iā€™d wake up at three in the morning worrying about that ā€” and that stopped. It’s almost like a superpower ā€” it just gives you a bit more time. My busy…

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