19th April, 2022

The Surprising Power of Self Coaching (and How to Do it Well)

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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Some problems are a breeze to solve, but others can leave you dithering for ages. Ignore them for too long, and they’ll catch up, but face them without planning, and you won’t progress. However, what you may not realise is that can find the solution within yourself.

In this episode, Rachel talks with Claire Kaye about self-coaching. They explore the framework and questions to guide you on your self-coaching journey. You’ll learn Claire’s tips on gaining confidence, control, and success in every aspect of your life.

If you want to learn how self-coaching can empower you in your life and career and how to do it successfully, this episode is for you!

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Reasons to listen

  1. Learn the right questions to ask yourself when practising self-coaching.
  2. Discover how to assess your emotions and what to do when you’re stuck.
  3. Learn how to solve problems with the 3 R’s.

Episode highlights


Self-Coaching for Career Development


How to Change Your Approach to Work


The Definition of Coaching


Asking Questions and Reflecting


Solving Problems with the 3 R’s 


Staying in Your Zone of Power


Silent Coaching Exercise


What to Do When You’re Stuck


Some Resources


Claire’s Top Three Tips

Episode transcript

Dr Claire Kaye: Having a conversation with yourself means that you’re deeply listening to yourself — deeply, and you’re kind of having a one-way conversation with yourself, which sounds a bit strange, but it gets you into a similar zone that you would get to if you were in a coaching room, and that creates a huge shift in thinking and can be done for free on your own. Dr Rachel Morris: Do you have some stuff going on in your life that you’ve been ignoring for far too long? Have you ever thought that coaching would be helpful, but…

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