31st May, 2022

How to Live With No Regrets with Georgina Scull

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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Do you truly know what it means to live a life without regrets? Too often, we get stuck chasing dreams that aren’t even our own or don’t take action to improve our lives because we’re hoping for something better.

If you only had a year left to live, would you really be spending it at the office?

Georgina Scull joins us in this episode to talk about what she learned from writing the book, _Regrets of the Dying: Stories and Wisdom That Remind Us How to Live_. She shares the three common regrets of people dying: not being able to make other people happy, living up to other people’s expectations, and trying to rewrite history. We walk you through practical steps you can use to reflect on your inner desires and live a meaningful life.

If you want to know how to live a life without regrets, stay tuned to this episode.

Episode highlights


The Story Behind _Regrets of the Dying_


How Georgina Changed Herself


The Need for Change 


Learning from Others 


Three Common Regrets 


Living for Yourself


Sorting Out Priorities


You’re in Charge


Three Lessons from the Book 


Getting Out of a Rut

Episode transcript

Change is hard. You know, I don’t know if you find this, Rachael but sometimes your gut tells you something’s not right. But you kind of don’t always trust it or you’re worried about. If you make a decision or a change that’s going to change everything. Is it going to change it in a good way? Are you in a strange way going to regret that, instead of regretting being unchanged can be quite tricky. If you’re in a job that not only doesn’t make you happy, but if it actively makes you unhappy, if you actively feel the…

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