14th June, 2022

How to Say No and Deal with Pushback

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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In this episode of You Are Not a Frog, Annie Hanekom guides you through how to say no and deal with the inevitable pushback. She shares the importance of language — are you using pain language or power language? We’ll also be discussing how to employ power language to set boundaries and how to use your values to get over the pain of saying no.

If you also struggle with saying no and dealing with pushback, tune in to this episode to know how you can set boundaries, enforce them and make your work life happier!

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Reasons to listen

  1. Understand why saying ‘no’ is a kindness — even if people are put out by it.
  2. Discover the difference between pain and power language.
  3. Learn how to set your boundaries and deal with pushback.

Episode highlights


The Universal Challenge of Saying No


Benefits of Saying No 


Why We Struggle with Saying No


Using the Pause


Practical Prioritisation


The Power of Language


How to Deal with Pushback


Top Tips on How to Say No

Episode transcript

Annie Hanekom: As soon as we’re in a space of saying, ‘I can’t’, ‘I wish I could’, ‘I’ll try’, ‘I’ll aim’ — we call it pain language — we actually are in what we call a victim space. And we have almost talked ourselves into, ‘I have no control. It’s not my choice. I’m stuck here.’ As soon as we recognise that we actually do have a choice, and we are able to say, using power language, I will, or I choose. And those are empowering words. It is amazing how it changes the tone of the conversation. Rachel Morris:…

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