28th June, 2022

After Burnout: Going Back to Work with Dr Katya Miles

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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When major issues occur in your life, it’s often necessary to take a break and deal with them, and of course there’s also the other reasons we take significant time off work – maternity or parental leave, taking a sabbatical or taking a career break.

Whatever the reason for being off work, being off for a prolonged period can lead to a loss of confidence and anxiety when you are finally able to return, which may cause you to worry that you’re just going to slip back to where you were….

In this episode, the first in our series about ‘What to do after burnout’, Rachel talks with Dr Katya Miles about how to return to work after a long absence and how to thrive again. They explore the fears and doubts people often face and how to overcome them.

You’ll learn Katya’s tips on how to regain confidence and prevent burnout happening all over again.

If you want to find out how to thrive in your work again, this episode is for you!

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Reasons to listen

  1. Learn the common struggles with returning to work.
  2. Find out how to overcome these fears and regain your confidence.
  3. Discover ways to prevent stress and burnout from reoccurring.

Episode highlights


Issues with Returning to Work


The Benefits of Being Off Work


How to Regain Confidence


What to Do When You’re Back to Work


Sharing Your Situation


Acknowledge Your Skills


Nipping Stress and Burnout in the Bud


How to Avoid and Prevent Burnout


Top Tips for Going Back to Work

Episode transcript

Rachel Morris: This is a You are Not a Frog Quick Dip, a tiny taster of the kinds of things we talk about on our full podcast episodes. I’ve chosen today’s topic to give you a helpful boost in the time it takes to have a cup of tea, so you can return to whatever else you’re up to feeling energised and inspired. For more tools, tips and insights to help you thrive at work, don’t forget to subscribe to You are Not a Frog wherever you get your podcasts. This Quick Dip episode, I’m going to talk about how…

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