19th July, 2022

How to Say F**k it and Become Ridiculously Relaxed (even about stuff that REALLY matters) with John C Parkin

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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Healthcare professionals and people in demanding careers often accept stress as a way of life. However, unchecked stress will someday lead to burnout and create more problems for everyone involved.

Our bold solution to this relentless problem is to start becoming obsessed with relaxation! We all know we need to calm down and relax, but how many of us actually do it?

John C. Parkin joins us today and encourages us to say ‘f**k it’ more in our lives! Not everything is important, and sometimes we try too hard to live up to society’s excessive expectations. John shares how overcoming stress and setting boundaries often results in overthinking and feelings of guilt.

Let’s learn to finally prioritise relaxation in our lives and see how much better we become through it.

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Reasons to listen

  1. Discover the power of saying ‘f**k it’.
  2. Learn how to say ‘f**k it’ — even in situations that matter.
  3. Understand the importance of relaxation and why it should be a daily priority.

Episode highlights


How John Discovered the Power of ‘F**k It’


You Can’t Solve Stress with Thinking


How to Practise ‘F**k It’


How to Say ‘F**k It’ When It’s Hard 


The First Step of ‘F**k It’


The Obstacle to Setting Boundaries and Overcoming Stress


How to Start Relaxing


How Relaxation Can Help You


The Power of Affirmations 


John’s Top 3 Tips for Relaxation

Episode transcript

John Parkins: Most of us know that stress is not good for us. Anybody in the health care professionals know that physiologically, stress is a terrible thing. We don’t seem to have taken the leap into the deep understanding that relaxation is astonishingly good for us, is the key to healing, is the key to good relationships, is the key to good decision making. We listen, we talk from a completely different place when we’re relaxed. We all somehow know it when we talk about it, but we don’t have that really strong inners that it should be my priority…

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