13th September, 2022

But is it a Tiger?

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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In this episode, Rachel talks about how you can distinguish the tigers in your life and better understand why we respond to them in the first place. She shares the four common immediate responses and how they often put us in a mindset for bad decisions. Whenever we meet a threat or irritation, we need to step back and ask, “is it a tiger?”

If you would like a quick tip on staying calm in the face of irritations and make better decisions even in the heat of staring down a tiger, stay tuned to this episode.

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Reasons to listen

  1. Understand the three types of threats that affect us — and which one is the tiger.
  2. Learn to distinguish what matters and understand our core boundaries.
  3. Discover how you can make better decisions independent of your reaction to tigers.

Episode highlights


What are Tigers?


The Three Types of Threats


How Tigers Affect Us


How to Distinguish Tigers


Which Tigers Matter?


Key Takeaways

Episode transcript

Rachel Morris: This is a You are Not a Frog quick dip, a tiny taster of the kinds of things we talk about on our full podcast episodes. I’ve chosen today’s topic to give you a helpful boost in the time it takes to have a cup of tea, so you can return to whatever else you’re up to feeling energised and inspired. For more tools, tips and insights to help you thrive at work, don’t forget to subscribe to You are Not a Frog wherever you get your podcasts. Today, I want to talk about tigers, because there seems…

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