18th October, 2022

How to Balance Life and Work

With Dr Claire Kaye

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Does having a healthy work-life balance seem so unattainable that you’ve given up trying to acheive it? Work takes up most of our time, leaving only spare time for our other commitments. Maybe you have tried doing everything at once, only to end up resentful. This may be because you’re aiming for the impossible.

Dr. Claire Kaye joins us in this episode to discuss why we should never aim for work-life balance, and why you should aim for life balance. We talk about the importance of prioritizing your needs and the things that give you joy. We also teach you practical ways to cope with burnout and create balance in all aspects of your life — career, socials, family, well-being, and hobbies.

If you want to know how to get the life balance you need (and desire), stay tuned to this episode.

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  1. Find out why achieving a perfect work-life balance will always fail.
  2. Learn how to do a life audit to work out your priorities.
  3. Get useful tips to cope with burnout and overwhelming situations.

Episode highlights


Life Balance


Different Definitions of ‘Balance’


Building Your Priority List


Find What Gives You Joy


Managing Your Energy


Work-Life Equation


Prioritize Yourself


Coping With Burnout or ‘Unbalanced Life’


Doing Reality Checks


Helping Others ‘Get Unstuck’


Top Tips for Life Balance

Episode transcript

Dr Claire Kaye: When you think about work-life balance, it makes me feel like on one side of the equation, you’ve got work and the other side, you’ve got your life. Whereas actually, life balance is about having a balance in your life — of all the different aspects in your life — which is really powerful. So I just think that’s why it’s so important that the work and life are not on the opposite sides of the equation for me. We are a whole person; we are not two separate people, two shut together, we’re one thing. Dr…

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