1st November, 2022

How to Stop Emotional Eating, Eat Better and Feel Better with Dr Matthea Rentea and Keri Williams

With Keri Williams and Matthea Rentea

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We’re all guilty of eating our feelings from time to time. It can happen to anyone for any reason — a bad day at work, a stressful time at home, a plan falling short. We start emotional eating because eating is an inherently satisfying activity—and it must be! You feel good when you eat things you like. However, the problem arises when this is our only coping mechanism for dealing with difficult situations. Learning how to stop emotional eating can help us break or prevent unhealthy eating habits.

In this episode, Keri Williams and Dr Matthea Rentea talked about the causes of emotional hunger and how it affects our mood and hormones. They also discussed their inspiring weight loss journey and explained why diets don’t always work. Finally, they imparted tried-and-true advice on how to stop emotional eating.

Don’t miss out on this episode if you’re looking for the most practical ways to manage binge eating and experience consistent weight loss!

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About the guests

Keri Williams and Matthea Rentea are the Co-Founders of the School of Sustainable Weight Loss and Weight Loss for Life podcast

Keri is passionate about personal development and has spent many years studying and practising natural medicine with a focus on women’s hormonal health. She is certified in four holistic health disciplines: homoeopathy, naturopathic iridology, kinesiology, and EFT Tapping. 

You can connect with Keri through her website or social media accounts: Instagram, Linktree, and Youtube

Meanwhile, Matthea is a certified and experienced internist who helps women restore their relationship with food. Her coaching places a significant emphasis on recognising self-sabotage and understanding how to include self-compassion in improving one’s nutrition and well-being. 

If you want to reach out to Matthea, you can send a message to her email or social media accounts: Instagram and Linktree.

Reasons to listen

  1. Discover a critical step on how to stop emotional eating.
  2. Find out why stress drastically increases weight gain.
  3. Learn simple steps to eat and feel better.

Episode highlights


Issues with Returning to Work


The Benefits of Being Off Work


How to Regain Confidence


What to Do When You’re Back to Work


Sharing Your Situation


Acknowledge Your Skills


Nipping Stress and Burnout in the Bud


How to Avoid and Prevent Burnout


Top Tips for Going Back to Work

Episode transcript

Keri: We’re not saying you should never eat cake, you should never eat chocolate. That’s 100% not our message. Because if you really enjoy it, how much more would you enjoy it when it’s intentional, when it’s a moment where you can really enjoy the experience. It’s very different from, ‘I’ve had such a stressful day and I’ve just got to gobble this down so quickly.’ But it may also be that you can actually have a look at that pattern in your life that’s driving the overeat. Why is it that chocolate or chips or cookies are the only…

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