15th November, 2022

How to Stop Your Finances Controlling Your Career

With Dr Tommy Perkins

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Many professionals in high-stress careers can find themselves working long hours every day and not growing wealthier. No matter how much you do or how many hours you add, you find yourself trapped in a cycle of work and finances. Getting out of this trap is difficult when you don’t know the financial decisions you need to make. You’ll find practical steps on controlling your finances so that they don’t control you: earn more and spend less.

Dr Tommy Perkins joins us for a conversation about money and career. He answers your questions about what you can do to stay financially stable. We talk about why people make unusual financial decisions and what motivates a person to spend. He also gives insightful tips and tricks to save and set aside money for your wealth and financial safety.

Find out how to make the financial decisions you need in your life without worrying about money when you tune in to this episode.

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  • Discover the greatest influence on your financial decisions.
  • Find out how you can grow your wealth with Tommy’s saving tips and tricks.
  • Learn how you stay financially safe even when facing difficult times.

Episode highlights


Why We Choose To Spend


Tommy’s Experience With Debt


Emotional Money


Tips and Tricks for Saving


Financial Emergency Buffer


Balanced Decision Making


Spend Safely and Wisely


Breaking Out of The Work-Money Trap

Episode transcript

Tommy Perkins: The expectations that people have, obviously affects their financial decisions. And I think that’s where I feel incredibly lucky, because the person who puts the most expectations on me is myself. And I’ve got those expectations under control and I’m really happy. And yeah, I do drive a 17-year old van. I’m happy with that choice. I get to pick my kids up from school, and drop them off two days a week. And that’s a choice that I’ve made. And I’m not saying it’s the right choice. It’s just a choice. And that’s a great thing. If…

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