13th December, 2022

How to Deal with Xmas Disasters and Other Disappointments in Life with Corrina Gordon-Barnes

With Dr Corrina Gordon-Barnes

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Do you look forward to Christmas holidays or other family celebrations only to be disappointed that reality is not what you had hoped it would be? Or has life not worked out as expected, and you’re struggling with regrets and disappointment? How do we deal with feeling disappointed, especially with the upcoming holidays?

In this 2022 Christmas Special of You Are Not A Frog, executive coach and relationship expert Corrina Gordon-Barnes joins us to explain several approaches to dealing with life’s disappointments. She builds on her years of experience as an executive coach and relationship expert to share the value of self-compassion and give simple tools we can use to turn disappointment into a learning experience.

If you’re perpetually being disappointed every holiday season, this episode might be for you!

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  • Learn the value of self-compassion to overcome being disappointed.
  • Find out why bad experiences can actually be good motivators.
  • Get practical tips on how to handle disappointment (and other negative emotions!)

Episode highlights


Disappointed During Holidays


Practising Your ‘Scripts’ and ‘Dances’


The Power of Requests


Handle Expectations, Prevent Being Disappointed


Embracing Feeling Disappointed and Negative Emotions


Finding Self-Compassion


The Value of Regret


Top Three Tips to Handle Being Disappointed

Episode transcript

Corrina Gordon Barnes: I’d like to say that expectations are premeditated resentments. I also think they’re premeditated disappointments as well. I’ve learned to radically switch my expectations. Again, because I am a natural optimist idealist, I’ll always envisage things being the best, and then all I’ve got to go from there is really to be disappointed. Whereas my wife is very, very handy as a partner because she will tend to see the perceived problems. That’s just how her mind works. It’s a different way of looking at things. This is actually a concept in psychology called counterfactual thinking. What…

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