27th December, 2022

Best Bits of 2022: Stress and Worry

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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The stress and worry we felt during the pandemic didn’t disappear in 2022. As medical practitioners, having a myriad of problems and uncertainties on our plate has simply become part of the job. But after over a hundred episodes, our conversations here at You Are Not A Frog have shown that we can make choices that help us to cope with and even overcome stress, anxiety and worry.

So let’s wrap up another fantastic year by rediscovering the best bits of our podcast episodes on stress and worry. We revisit our favourite conversations on breaking the anxiety cycle, doubts and fears, and the power of ‘f**k it’.

Happy Holidays, dear listeners! Let’s end this year and start 2023 right by learning how to beat burnout and work happier.

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  1. Listen to the most talked-about YNAF episodes.
  2. Rediscover tips and tricks for living a healthier and happier life.
  3. Recount simple techniques for dealing with work-related burnout.

Episode highlights


Episode 119: Dealing with Stress and Worry




Breaking the Anxiety Cycle


Episode 106: Worrying Is Not Caring


Learn to Let Go


Episode 105: Don’t Believe All Your Thoughts


When Your Doubts and Fears are Valid


The Default State


Finding Calmness


Episode 130: The Power of “F**k It’


Thinking Is the Problem


Release All Attachments

Episode transcript

Rachel Morris: It’s been a long year, but hopefully, You are Not a Frog has been a bit of light relief for you and giving you some helpful hints and tips to make life at work that little bit better. We’ve loved every single one of our guests this year, and judging by the volume of wonderful emails we’ve received and the conversations I’ve had with people at talks and workshops, so have you. So I thought I’d put together the best bits from some of my favorite conversations this year, and some of the most listened to episodes. We’ll…

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