16th January, 2023

Embracing Your Limits in a Limitless System

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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Everyone praises those who work hard — so it’s not unusual for people to think that it’s good to push your limits and do as much as you can.

But what’s the best thing to do when you’re tired and exhausted? Should you see how far you can go, or take a break?

In this short episode, we discuss embracing our limits as a choice. With so many things out of control, we need to discern when to take a rest because work will never stop for us. We also discuss how you can start to recognise warning signs. Remember, people don’t go from okay to complete burnout overnight, it’s a long process.

If you want to know how to embrace your limits and live a happier life, stay tuned to this episode.

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  1. Why do we need to embrace our limits and take a break more often?
  2. How can we recognise our limits and take action before burnout forces us to stop?
  3. Understand that we don’t need to feel guilt and shame about our limits.

Episode highlights


Learn to Embrace Your Limits


You Always Have a Choice


How to Recognise Our Limits and Take a Break


The Guilt Around Rest


Learn to Recognise Warning Signs


How to Embrace Your Limits

Episode transcript

Rachel Morris: This is a You Are Not a Frog Quick Dip, a tiny taster of the kinds of things we talk about on our full podcast episodes. I’ve chosen today’s topic to give you a helpful boost in the time it takes to have a cup of tea, so you can return to whatever else you’re up to feeling energised and inspired. For more tools, tips and insights to help you thrive at work, don’t forget to subscribe to You Are Not a Frog, wherever you get your podcasts. Today I’d like to talk about how to embrace your…

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