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7th February, 2023

How to Fix Your Broken Meetings

With Carrie Goucher

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Whether we like it or not, meetings are essential in running an organisation. But when was the last time you attended a  meeting without feeling bored? Meetings are supposed to help us get work done more effectively. It’s an opportunity for us to raise issues and make important decisions. But despite their importance, very few of them are done well. How, then, can we transform our meetings from bad and boring to helpful and interesting?

Dr Carrie Goucher joins us in this episode to discuss the basics of a good meeting. She also explains how to disagree with other people in meetings while maintaining good relationships. Then, we lay down simple and practical actions making meetings shorter, more productive, and better.

If you want to know how to start running engaging and effective meetings, stay tuned to this episode.

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Reasons to listen

  • Learn how to plan meetings beyond just hygiene factors.
  • Discover how to engage and encourage people to speak their minds during meetings.
  • Find out the best way to run an effective meeting.

Episode highlights


How Carrie Got into Meetings


Planning Beyond Hygiene Factors


Carrie’s PhD in Meetings


How to Encourage People to Speak Up


Addressing Hierarchy


Disagreeing without Criticising


‘Yes, but…’


How to Run a Meeting


The Four Quadrants of a Meeting Documentation


How to Run a Meeting with Time Constraints


How to Share Information in an Engaging Way


Carrie’s Top Three Tips for Running Good Meetings at Work

Episode transcript

Rachel Morris: Most of us think that meetings are the things that happen in between all the real work that needs to be done and view them as an evil necessity, but like or not not, for many of us, meetings define the culture of where we work. They’re often the only way we have to raise issues, make decisions, or even clap eyes on our colleagues. So why are they so bad and so hard to get right? j I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s because they’re run by humans with buttons and triggers and conflicting ideas and…

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