21st February, 2023

How to Change Your Life in 12 Minutes Per Week

With Robbie Swale

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For high-stress professionals like us, one of the biggest obstacles to making a change in our lives or pursuing our great ideas is time. You might feel overwhelmed by the change you want to make or afraid of what other people would say. It’s your choice not to let these reasons stop you from changing your life.

Robbie Swale changed his life by using 12 minutes of his week. He joins us in this conversation to discuss an amazing realisation he had: you can achieve so much by taking a little bit of your time. He discusses the challenges of nurturing your great ideas and how to overcome those obstacles. Robbie also dives into the four phases of creating something new and the importance of starting.

Don’t let your great ideas go to waste. Learn how to change your life in 12 minutes when you tune in to this episode.

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  1. Find out the main excuses your mind can come up with and learn how you can overcome them.
  2. Discover how small and steady can help you win the race and achieve great things.
  3. You have more time than you think — enough time to start changing your life this week!

Episode highlights


Robbie’s Journey of Great Ideas


Doing the Same Thing, Differently


Great Ideas VS Criticism


The Power of the Tortoise


Practice Makes Better Relationships


Breaking Down Career Change


Keep Going


Managing Time for High-Stress Professionals


Getting Started


Executing Your Great Ideas: Just Start


Robbie’s Top Three Tips to Start Changing Your Life

Episode transcript

Rachel Morris: Have you got something you’d like to do that’s been sitting in your head for ages but never made it past the idea stage? Or would you like to change your role, your career or even fix a difficult relationship? Perhaps you’d just like to take up something new and exciting, but something stopping you. If you’re like most doctors and other professionals in high stress jobs that I know, you’ll tell me that you just don’t have the time, but perhaps, you secretly know that a lack of time is just masking other reasons for why you…

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