7th March, 2023

The Glass Slipper and Other Challenges for Women in Medicine

With Professor Chloe Orkin and Dr Nuthana Bhayankaram

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Professor Chloe Orkin & Dr Nuthana Bhayankaram of the Medical Women’s Federation join us in this episode to discuss sexism in medicine. We share first-hand experiences and explore why it remains a glaring issue today. We then discuss some strategies for action and what we can do to improve things.

If you want to know what the glass ceiling, glass cliff, and glass slippers are and how to avoid them, listen to our entire conversation in this You Are Not a Frog episode.

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About the guests

Professor Chloe Orkin photo

Professor Chloe Orkin

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Dr Nuthana Bhayankaram

Reasons to listen

  1. How does sexism manifest in the medical world?
  2. Learn the barriers to progress for medical women.
  3. Discover what we could do on an organisational and individual level to advocate for equality.

Episode highlights


Sexism in Society


Medical Women’s Federation


The Growth of Representation of Women in Medicine


Working in a Male-Dominated Hierarchy


On Speaking Up


Barriers to Progress for Women


Why Women Don’t Apply


Women’s Household and Professional Roles


What We Could Do on an Organisational and Personal Level


How to Deal with Blatant Sexism


The Work the Medical Women’s Federation Does


Chloe and Nuthana’s Top Three Tips

Episode transcript

Rachel Morris: One of the things that frustrates me so much is that even in 2023, we often see women taking on the brunt of the childcare, the household chores, and the emotional labour. And it’s no better in medicine. We know that the gender pay gap in medicine, if anything, is still massive and still growing. So with up to 60% of the medical workforce being women, why are we still in this situation, and how can we make it better? In this episode, I’m chatting with Professor Chloe Orkin and Dr Nuthana Bhayankaram from the Medical Women’s Federation…

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