2nd May, 2023

Are You OK?

With James Spice

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How often do you answer honestly when asked are you ok? Many people often say I’m’re ok even when you really aren’t. In truth, we aren’t ok. In today’s world, you’re faced with high-stress jobs, societal pressure and the uncertainty of the new normal. As we come out of the recent crisis, changed and unsure of who we are, it’s harder than ever to be ok.

You have to recognize and accept when you’re not ok. In this episode, James Spice joins us for a conversation about what it means to be a human being who isn’t really ok. He asks the real questions that can help us become more aware of who we are and how we really feel. With his simple tools and strategies, you can learn to cope with not being ok and find out who you are after you’ve drastically changed from before.

If you’re ready to accept that you’re not ok, you can learn what to do next when you tune in to this episode of Your Are Not a Frog

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Reasons to listen

  1. Understand the impact of the recent crisis you and the world have gone through.
  2. Discover the new you in the new normal with the help of some great guide questions.
  3. Find out the next steps to take towards being ok.

Episode highlights


How the World Makes It Difficult to Be Ok


Who Are You In the New Normal?


It’s True, People Aren’t Ok.


The Rule of Thirds


Deciding What To Do To Be Ok


Recognising Your Values and Emotions


Shifting Into The New Normal


Living With Intention


How The Past Crisis Changed People


Taking the Steps To Be Ok


James’ Three Top Tips

Episode transcript

Dr. Rachel Morris: How are you? How are you really? And when was the last time you paused long enough to check? Since the pandemic rather than getting better things, if anything, seem to be getting harder. And most of us have just jumped back into our old life with less resources to deal with the overwhelming workloads. This week our guest on You Are Not a Frog is James Spice — coach and human development expert who thinks that we are all far from okay. And why should we be considering what’s happened and what is happening in the…

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