16th May, 2023

How to Do Something Different in Your Career

With Jo Watkins

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This week, Jo Watkins, co-founder of The HOW People, joins us to explore entrepreneurial possibilities for doctors without leaving their day jobs. We talk about what holds us back from pursuing a business idea and how you can get started on this journey. We also discuss honing the transferable skills you already have to discover what you’d like to try.

If you want to start doing something different in your life and career, listen to our full conversation in this episode of You Are Not a Frog.

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Reasons to listen

  • Discover your ‘why’ in life and business.
  • Understand why you learn most by failing.
  • Recognise and hone your transferable skills as a professional and entrepreneur.

Episode highlights


The Beginning of Jo’s Entrepreneurial Career


Worrying about the Unknown in Business


Honing the Skills Within


What Hinders Our Transferable Skills


Think about Your Why


Learning by Failing


Jo’s ‘Why’


Putting Boundaries in Place for Your Business


How to Manage the Reality of Running a Business


Getting Advice from People Who Have Done It Before


Unrecognised Transferable Skills of People in High-Stress Jobs


Making Time for Exploration


Jo’s Top Three Tips

Episode transcript

Rachel Morris: Does the prospect of carrying on doing the same old thing day in day out until you retire fill you with dread? Are there creative or entrepreneurial bits of your brain you’d love to use a bit more? And have you ever wondered what it would be like to try a new business idea, either within your current role, or by perhaps starting something new? One thing I know about listeners to this podcast is that you’re all a bunch of incredibly talented, creative and curious people. And many of you are desperate to do something different without…

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