13th June, 2023

How to Survive a Toxic System – on Both Sides of the Pond

With Dike Drummond

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Does it feel like you’re in a toxic work environment and can’t get out? Too many doctors — both in the UK and elsewhere — find themselves in a whirlwind of work. There’s always more to do, and you don’t want to imagine the consequences of what happens if you fail. There seems like there’s no way out, but the truth is, you always have a choice.

In this episode of You Are Not a Frog, Dr Dike Drummond and I dive into a topic that affects many industries but is particularly prevalent in healthcare — surviving and thriving in a toxic work environment without burning out.

If you’re a doctor stuck in the whirlwind of your toxic work environment, this episode is for you.

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  • Learn what you can change in a toxic work environment.
  • Discover ways to improve how your career serves you.
  • Find out how doctors can care for themselves and why that helps them do their job better.

Episode highlights


Doctors as Coal Mine Canaries


How Profit Creates a Toxic Work Environment


How Doctor Training Creates a Toxic Work Environment


You Always Have a Choice


Change or Leave Your Toxic Work Environment


Bureaucracies Always Add More Work


Drummond and Morris’ Three Top Tips

Episode transcript

Rachel: Do you get frustrated when all the advice about wellbeing and resilience just doesn’t seem to tackle the root cause of the problem? Being expected to do more and more with less and less? Do you ever feel like giving up work completely, because you just can’t see how the system you’re working in is ever going to change? Yet you don’t want to leave. You’ve trained for years and years to get where you are now and do what you do. You just wish you could get on with doing what you love without it feeling like an…

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