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4th July, 2023

How to Influence Without Getting Frustrated

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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You have brilliant ideas and solutions that can make a difference in your work. But how do you get others on board with them? It can be hard to convince others when they have different views and opinions. The thing is, you can’t change someone’s mind without knowing where they are coming from and what matters to them. You have to face it with confidence, grace, patience, and, sometimes, acceptance.

In this quick dip episode, we talk about how you can influence anyone by understanding yourself and them. We then discuss the impact of focusing on your zone of power and the importance of conflict and disagreement.

Find out how to tackle any challenge with skill and insight. If you want to know how to influence others gracefully, this episode is for you.

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Reasons to listen

  • Find out what things are inside and outside your zone of power.
  • Learn how not to get stressed when influencing people.
  • Discover why you can’t control influencing someone.

Episode highlights


Circle of Influence


What You Have Control Over in Influencing


The Zone of Power


Focus on Action


What is Behind Conflict?


How to Influence People


Focusing on Your Zone of Power