29th August, 2023

Why You Don’t Need to Earn Your Rest

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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So many of us are caught up in a vortex of busyness. We end up working harder and harder without doing anything that re-energises us, all because we feel like we have no other choice.

As healthcare professionals, we feel like rest is a reward for good behaviour, but it’s a basic human need, and a professional responsibility. Why? Because rest makes us better at our job, and – frankly – we deserve it.

In this quick dip episode, Rachel explores ways we can give ourselves permission to rest and remind ourselves that it’s not something we need to earn. When we give ourselves that space, our wellbeing and productivity will improve.

Nobody else is going to give us the time or permission, so we need to do this for ourselves. It will inevitably come with some guilt, but we can acknowledge that, then put our own wellbeing first and make it a professional priority.

Reasons to listen

  • To learn about rest and how it affects our brains
  • To understand the different zones that we operate from, and how they impact our performance
  • To get tips on how to prioritise rest and make time for it in your daily life

Episode highlights


What happens when we rest


Threat zone, drive zone, and rest zone


If we fail to rest


Why we find it so hard to rest


Giving ourselves permission



Episode transcript

[00:00:00] Rachel: I was doing a Shapes Academy masterclass last night. And in this master class, we were looking at the vortex of busyness, how we just get caught up into this spiral of working harder and harder when the work builds up and we don’t end up doing anything that reenergizes us. And as part of this masterclass, we did a bit of an audit on our wellbeing factors. And I did this audit myself and I found that actually the bit of wellbeing. That I get wrong all the time is a bit about rest. That bit was…

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