10th October, 2023

What Will Your Future Self Thank You For?

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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We’ve all had weeks where our schedules are packed tightly and there’s no time for ourselves, leaving us exhausted and overwhelmed. The problem is we often make commitments for our future selves without thinking about what might be on their plate in the future.

In this quick dip episode, Rachel uncovers ways we can make space for the the big and important things in our lives, set rules and boundaries to prevent over-committing, and creating space to cope with challenging times ahead.

Not everything that comes out of the blue is a bad thing. But when we over-book ourselves and neglect our own needs, we risk leaving ourselves unable to really enjoy the fun things that unexpectedly come our way, or cope with the tricky things.

Try taking a moment to consider what your future self will thank you for. This will help you say no to those extra commitments, and practice more self-compassion.

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Reasons to listen

  • To learn how to stop over-scheduling so you can create space for yourself and avoid burnout.
  • To understand the importance of setting boundaries and making rules for yourself to prioritise your wellbeing.
  • To discover a form of self-compassion in advance.

Episode highlights


A piece of long-term homework


Looking backwards


Writing a letter from your future self


Fear of missing out


Looking after our future self


What rules would your future self like you to understand?


When were you overstretched?


Make some space for what’s coming up


Putting self-compassion into practice

Episode transcript

[00:00:00] Rachel: How do you ever had one of those weeks where you fit so much into your week, that you haven’t had any time to yourself? You’re feeling utterly exhausted, and you’ve got to get up to all over again. You’ve got loads of stuff going on in the evening, you’ve committed to far too much. I have those sorts of weeks all the time. [00:00:20] Rachel: But this last week, I’ve had a lot of conference talks, which I love to doing, but I was slightly worried. I’d fit too much into the week. But I found myself…

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