31st October, 2023

How to Challenge Upsetting Behaviour

With Dr Chris Turner

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Interactions between team members can have a big impact on performance and outcomes. Disrespect and hostility can create a threatening environment and hinder collaboration and productivity. In a medical setting, it could literally be a life-or-death situation.

The Civility Saves Lives movement aims to raise awareness about the importance of behaviour and promote a culture of civility. By showing respect and support towards each-other, teams can enhance their performance, deliver better outcomes, and provide a healthier and kinder path towards personal growth.

In this episode, Dr Chris Turner, co-founder of the Civility Saves Lives movement, demonstrates how we can create an environment where civility is valued, information is freely shared, and everyone feels empowered to contribute. By taking the time to show respect – and to address disrespect without offering judgement – we can make a positive difference in the workplace and improve outcomes for teams and patients.

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Reasons to listen

  • To understand the importance of civility and its role in improving team performance and patient outcomes.
  • To learn about the effects of incivility on individuals and their ability to think and perform under high-pressure situations.
  • To find out about the origins of the Civility Saves Lives movement, and its impact on behaviour in healthcare.

Episode highlights


Meeting Chris


Civility Saves Lives


The minimum unit of performance is the team


Setting an environment for people to speak


What happens when we’re scared of being wrong


How hostile behaviour impacts teams


How rudeness affects trust


We don’t go to work to be unpleasant


Knowing that someone’s got you


How to give feedback


Curiosity’s role when giving difficult feedback


How to avoid the drama triangle


Understanding cultural context


Accepting uninvited criticism


How to take difficult feedback


The act of saying sorry


Chris’ top tips

Episode transcript

[00:00:00] Rachel: What is the true cost of a hostile work environment? In a high stakes job, like medicine. It could be the patient’s life. If you work in an environment where you don’t feel safe to call out a potential mistake, or even ask a question, this can be incredibly stressful and potentially dangerous. And what if you witnessed someone being rude or disrespectful? Is it your responsibility to deal with it, or is there a chance you could make life harder for the people involved? [00:00:33] In this episode, I sat down with Dr. Chris Turner, a consultants…

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