26th December, 2023

What Shame Made Me Do

With Dr Sandy Miles

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If you have a high-stakes job like medicine, shame can show up in unexpected and unwelcome places. Doctors have incredibly high societal expectations, with constant pressure to be invulnerable. It’s time to challenge these unrealistic expectations and foster an environment that supports doctors in their vulnerability.

This week, we’re featuring one of our most popular and impactful episodes from 2023 to help you identify and combat shame. In this episode, Dr Sandy Miles discusses the impact of shame on doctors and how we can address it by changing the toxic stories we tell ourselves.

We all make mistakes, but shame keeps us from being objective and fair, leading us feeling like we’re inherently bad or wrong. Finding ways to be kinder and more supportive to ourselves will help not only our wellbeing, but will brighten the lives of those closest to us.

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Reasons to listen

  • To discover the powerful impact shame has on us, and how our wellbeing and professional identity can be affected
  • To explore the different ways we respond to shame
  • To learn how to create a healthier and more supportive environment

Episode highlights


What is shame?


How identities are tied to shame


How people respond to shame


How to respond to shame


Shame and perfectionism in healthcare


How to overcome maladaptive perfectionism


Fostering a growth mindset


How to combat shame


Where to find help


Sandy’s top tips for deadling with shame

Episode transcript

[00:00:00] Rachel: Every year on the podcast, I find that a new theme emerges and really strikes a chord. This year, I would never have predicted that an episode about burnout and shame would become our most popular episode ever. However, once you’ve heard the message contained in this conversation. It’s very difficult to unhear it. [00:00:18] In fact, this interview with GP, Dr. Sandy Miles led me on my own personal voyage of discovery and formed the basis of my keynote talk, How to Say No, Set Boundaries and Deal With Pushback. [00:00:30] You see, the thing I’ve got…

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