13th February, 2024

How to Get Moving Again When You Feel Stuck

With Nicola Rylett-Jones

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We all experience moments of feeling stuck. Sometimes we have the motivation, but something’s in our way. On other days the simplest things can feel like pushing a boulder up a hill. Now matter how competent we know we are, that feeling of inertia can wreak havoc on our self-confidence. If we’re going to get unstuck and move forwards, we first need to find out what’s blocking us.

The solution is to take a conscious leadership approach. This means shifting our mindset and becoming more aware of our reactions and thought patterns. By recognising when we’re “below the line” and stuck in victim mode, we can consciously shift “above the line” and take control of our actions and reactions.

This week, Rachel is joined by executive coach and conscious leadership expert, Nicola Rylett-Jones. Nicola offers practical steps you can take today to embody the role of a conscious leader – even if you don’t consider yourself as having a leadership position.

Living below the line makes us feel frustrated, demotivated, and without the ability to make progress. It can also make us less effective leaders and colleagues, more prone to agitation. But by becoming more aware of our triggers, we can work better together with less effort.

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  • To learn practical steps to overcome feelings of being stuck and gain control of your actions and reactions.
  • To discover how to shift your mindset and become more aware of your reactions and thought patterns.
  • To find out how to embody the role of a conscious leader, even if you don’t consider yourself in a leadership position.

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How we demotivate ourselves


Conscious leadership


Becoming unstuck


Getting a different perspective




Tackling anxiety around complaints


It’s time to take action


Guilt as a motivator


Nicola’s top tips

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[00:00:00] Rachel: Are you stuck in firefighting mode? Do you find yourself encountering the same frustrations again and again, and are you ready for that next stage of growth in your life, but you just can’t seem to get there? [00:00:13] If I need, this sounds like you, then you’ll want to hear from my guest Nicola Rylett-Jones is an expert in conscious leadership with a wealth of experience in the medical field. She knows firsthand how debilitating it can be to feel stuck and unable to move forwards. [00:00:28] If you feel like you’re missing out on opportunities, not…

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