11th February, 2020

Help! I’m turning into a Monster at Work, with Dr Riaz Jetha, Dr Jamie Wyllie and Dr Jo Scrivens

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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In this ‘Ask the Frog’ episode, Rachel is joined by Dr Riaz Jetha, Dr Jamie Wyllie and Dr Jo Scrivens, some of the Red Whale Lead. Manage. Thrive! Course authors and presenters. 

We chat about how the pressures of our duty doctor days can turn us from rational human beings into monsters, where our inner chimp is let loose and we end up behaving in a manner which surprises even us. 

We discuss simple techniques to help manage our chimps and our behaviour and talk about how important it is to give ourselves space, to show compassion to ourselves and others – treating people as human beings rather than just another demand on our time. 

Connecting with others during the day, taking regular breaks and seeing what small things we can re-order in our work can help, as well as recognising that managing our own emotions is part and parcel of being a healthcare professional.