5th March, 2024

Why Setting Goals Alone Won’t Help

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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We often set goals in the belief they’ll make us happier. But setting goals alone might not be enough to truly help us thrive. In this quick dip, Rachel discusses why that’s the case, and offers a different approach to finding satisfaction and success.

It all begins with a shift in focus from goals to desires. Instead of starting with specific goals, we should first identify what we truly desire and what our basic needs are. This helps us align our actions and routines with what truly matters to us.

Life’s too short to not love what you do, and vice versa. So it’s time to look at our own desires and needs, ask “What truly matters to me?”, and determine whether they’re aligned. Doing this will move you closer to a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

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Reasons to listen

  • Stop starting with goals and focus on your desires and needs
  • Learn about the four elements of your North Star and how they can guide you
  • Understand the problem with outcome-based goals and why process goals are more effective

Episode highlights


Stop starting with goals


The four elements of your North Star


Figure out your “why”


Making space for your needs


THRIVE Week Planner


The problem with outcome-based goals

Episode transcript

[00:00:00] Rachel: A couple of years ago, I really wants to get fit. I wanted to get in shape. I wanted to have something to aim at. And so I entered the Cambridge half marathon. A group of people had entered it and I thought, oh, wouldn’t it be great to do that with them? And so i Paid the money, I entered it, and I never did it. I failed at the first hurdle. I had this goal that if only I could complete this half marathon, that would be brilliant. I would be so healthy. I’d be fit…

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