14th May, 2024

How to Set a Boundary No-one Can Break

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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We’v’e all had a weekend that was supposed to be for relaxation, but ended up a whirlwind with us running around, doing things for others. The problem we have is we think we’re setting boundaries around our time, when what we’re really doing is simply making requests.

In this quick dip episode, Rachel explains how we can start clearly defining our boundaries. For instance, we might decide we’re not going to work Wednesday evenings. This isn’t a request for others to respect, but a boundary that we enforce ourselves. If someone asks us to work on a Wednesday evening, we can simply say “no”.

Next, we need to stay in our zone of power, focusing on what’s within our control, rather than outside of it. When it comes to setting boundaries, this means focusing on actions we can take to enforce our boundaries, rather than relying on others to respect them.

When we make requests of others but don’t enforce the boundaries we’ve set, we can end up feeling frustrated and resentful of others. We can feel like we’re constantly having our boundaries overstepped, when in reality we’re not setting or enforcing them effectively to begin with.

By taking the steps outlined in this episode, we can protect our energy and emotional wellbeing, and ultimately take back control of our time.

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  • To learn the difference between making a request and setting a boundary, and how this can help you enforce your boundaries effectively.
  • To discover how staying in your zone of power can help you sett and maintain your boundaries.
  • For practical steps to enforce your boundaries in your daily life, and protect your time, energy, and emotional wellbeing.

Episode highlights


The one thing you can say that changes everything


When we confuse boundaries nand requests


Clarifying your boundarie


Staying in your zone of power


What can you do in advance?


Knowing when to flex boundaries

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[00:00:00] Rachel: I don’t know if you’ve ever had a weekend like this, you wake up on a Saturday morning. You think I am so tired? I just need a couple of hours to myself, maybe to go for a run or let’s go for the gym, and to just quietly read a book, gather myself together, recover from the week I’ve just had. And then on Sunday evening, you look back at your weekend and think. What the flip just happened? I’ve spent all weekend running around after other people, picking up after them, cooking for them. I’ve been…

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