10th March, 2020

The Truth About Burnout with Dr Rachel Morris

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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In this episode, Rachel talks about the worrying statistics about burnout and exhaustion in doctors and discusses some of the reasons why burnout is on the increase. 

There are some uncomfortable truths about burnout

* Doctors are not immune – in fact perfectionist tendencies and increased engagement with their jobs make them more prone to burnout
* In the ICD 11 codes, the WHO have newly classified Burnout Syndrome as caused by a toxic workplace culture and unmanaged stress 
* No-one else is going to take control for you – you have to make changes yourself

Rachel talks about strategies to prevent stress and presents a crucial mindset shift that is needed in order to beat burnout. Getting mastery of our jobs and the tools we need to stay resilient is the first step. We also need to get a supportive community around us to challenge us and help us to think issues through. 

Finally, we need autonomy in our work life, and the ability to take control over our wellbeing, our stress and our time. Time is a big issue – we often feel we don’t have enough time to do everything that is required of us, let alone find time to plan how we will make changes, so Rachel provides a helpful tool – the [Thrive Week Planner](https://shapes-toolkit.mykajabi.com/thrive-planner) which you can download to help plan what a good working week looks like in which you can thrive. 

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