17th March, 2020

Getting into the Flow with Richard Husseiny

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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In this episode, Rachel is joined by Richard Husseiny, an ex-olympic strength and conditioning coach and the founder of the conscious life collective, an alternative framework for wellbeing.

We chat about his experiences working with Olympic athletes and the techniques they use to control their stress before the big event. Mild stress helps our performance to increase but pretty quickly our performance peaks, too much stress and our performance starts to dip. Activating the parasympathetic nervous system through simple actions such as breathing exercises can be incredibly helpful for bringing us back into a high-performance state. 

We talk about the concept of flow – the extraordinary state where time may stand still or speed up, we have adequate challenge and are being stretched and we are totally absorbed in what we do. This is linked with wellbeing protective factors – learning a new skill is a great way to get into flow. If you experience flow regularly then life satisfaction goes up and things are much better. 

We discuss strategies to get into flow more regularly and Richard gives his top 3 tips to stay resilient and manage stress. These are:

1. Access breathing techniques 
2. Focus on your deep work without interruption
3. Work out what is it that you actually WANT to do and eliminate the non-virtuous guilt