7th April, 2020

Caring for Ourselves Whilst Coping With Loss with Dr Jonathan Griffiths

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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In this episode of the podcast, Rachel is joined by Dr Jonathan Griffiths, a portfolio GP from Nantwich who is also a blogger, a TEDx Speaker and Primary Care Adviser to the STP. 

In this episode, we talk about Jonathan’s experience of losing his young son to a rare haematological condition and his journey of a slow recovery following this huge loss. We chat about the need to be kind to yourself, know your limits and boundaries and how to return to work when the time comes. 

We talk about how we can apply the lessons Jonathan learnt during that time to our experiences in the Coronavirus crisis and we discuss the enormous power of exercise in helping us cope with stress, anxiety and a whole other range of emotions.

Doctors – we need you more than ever. Keep up the good work. Keep your heads. Keep caring. 

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