21st April, 2020

Get Off Your Phone! How to Limit Your Social Media and News Consumption to Beat Stress and Anxiety

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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In this episode, Rachel is joined again by Dr Katherine Hickman, GP, mentor and Tiny Habits Coach and Respiratory Lead in Yorkshire. 

In the midst of the COVID crisis, many of us are glued to the latest news, constantly on Facebook or WhatsApp replying to colleagues, friends and family and, to be, honest, some of it isn’t that helpful in terms of keeping well, reducing our stress and staying calm through the crisis. 

We talk about how to use the Tiny Habits behavioural change approach to help us to limit the amount of time we spend consuming news and social media and to stop us automatically checking our phones whenever we have a break in our work, or if our attention is wandering. 

To change a habit, we need to start small and make it easy. We discuss some quick wins such as growing a tree on your phone, activating the Facebook timer and also turning off all your notifications and putting your social media apps all together in a folder a long way from your home screen. 

If you want to know more about the Tiny Habits approach, then do check out Episode 2 of You Are Not A Frog, where Katherine shares even more about this approach. 

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