2nd June, 2020

How to Manage Conflict During COVID with Jane Gunn

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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This week Rachel is thrilled to welcome back Jane Gunn – lawyer, mediator and expert in conflict resolution who has been known as the Corporate Peacemaker. This episode is for you if the thought of addressing a difficult issue with one of your colleagues send you running for the hills…

When the Coronavirus crisis first hit, we collectively started to behave a bit better – give each other a break and make allowances but as time has gone on, our old ways of behaving coupled with anxiety, uncertainty and stress may well have made old issues raise their ugly head (a bit like Christmas with the relatives which has gone on a bit too long!). 

In this episode, Rachel and Jane talk about why this has started to happen and discuss what can happen if conflict is left to fester. Often conflict which hasn’t been addressed escalates quickly and Jane shares the ladder of escalation steps which help to explain what’s going on. We talk about how you get off this ladder with simple techniques for having important conversations, the importance of listening and of really trying to dig down into the real issue. 

We chat about the importance of having an easy to follow process in an organisation that doesn’t rely on grievances but instead empowers people to have these conversations early and how modelling vulnerability as a leader can make this possible. 

Jane’s top tips for managing conflict are:

1. Take the time to write down what you want to say and what you really want before you have the conversation
2. Listen to and be honest with yourself and others
3. Try to de-escalate as much as possible (make a molehill out of a mountain!)

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