23rd June, 2020

Leading With Tough Love with Gary Hughes

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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In this episode, Rachel is joined by Gary Hughes, author of the book Leadership in Practice, blogger, educator and facilitator who is a Practice Manager by day.

We chat about how leadership in the COVID-19 crisis has had to adapt, and the different roles that a leader has had to take. Whether you are leading an organisation, a small team or even just working in a group of colleagues, compassion, kindness and clarity has never been more important.

We talk about the three phases of the response to any crisis – the preparation period, the active period and the recovery period. People’s behaviours can be very different through the three phases varying from kindness and support to disillusionment, fatigue and let’s face it, some plain old bad behaviour!

Setting clear boundaries, and knowing a clear vision for yourself, your team and your organisation is key. There is also a need to be fair and lead by example. 

Gary’s top tips for leading through into the recovery phase are:

1. Get clarity on where you are heading – and communicate this to the team
2. Reflect what you want to stop, start and continue (get our stop/start/continue checklist tool here insert link)
3. Work out what else you need for the journey ahead – learning? Skills? Resources?

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