13th October, 2020

A Year of the Frog

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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The week’s episode is a special one as the Frog celebrates a year of podcasting! So this episode turns the table as YANAF regular, Dr Nik Kendrew, puts the spotlight on Rachel. They talk about everything from what this experience has taught Rachel, to the power of ‘F**k It’, how Nik’s inner chimp attacks in the supermarket & one guest’s squeaky bum time!

Rachel wanted to share the conversations, ideas & experiences she encountered through her work with a wider audience to help more people than she was reaching through her courses.

Through the podcast she’s enjoyed learning as much from her guests as you have, from conflict management to equality in the workplace it’s been an eye opening year of conversations.

For a podcast series that’s dedicated to helping doctors, healthcare professionals & executives in high stress jobs. Nik notes that as well as being very busy, some of these jobs can be very lonely places & Rachel’s been really pleased to hear how many people have fed back the recurring phrase “it makes me feel like I’m not alone”.

It’s perhaps no surprise that the most popular episode this year has been on COVID fatigue with Dr Caroline Walker. During the COVID crisis, this podcast has been a great way to reach out to and connect with people when stress, loneliness, fear & uncertainty have been prevalent across all sections of society and industry. 

Sharing stories is often one of the most helpful things for all of us to feel less alone in moments of difficulty or uncertainty. Nik shares a really poignant example of how sharing our stories can help others and save lives.

So as a sign off to a great year of episodes, Rachel is inviting you to help shape future Frog episodes. What would you like to hear more about and what more can we do to help you realise that you are not a frog? You can get in touch using the links below.

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