20th October, 2020

How to Be More Anti-Racist

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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This year, the issue of racial discrimination is forefront in our minds. It exists in every profession and every walk of life. It exists in ways we don’t always realise.  It has raised many questions. It has created a sense of discomfort. And it isn’t going away.

The subject of racism comes shrouded in societal shame. It’s time to shake off that shame and ask a few questions – or let You Are Not A Frog’s Dr Rachel Morris and Dr Abubakar Mohammad, GP and Wessex RCGP Executive board member ask them for you. This week they’re joined by their guest, Dr Aigbokhai Ohiwerei, a GP in Fareham and Whitely.

They ask; what’s in a name, what is racism, how do I speak up with confidence when I see injustice and why have people found speaking up so hard?

Abu and Aigbokhai share how these issues have affected them and some of their colleagues and give some great examples of how combatting racism doesn’t have to be combative. It is in fact, more about choosing to speak up or through the right channels when you see or hear an injustice.

The team offer some great ways to challenge and question:

* Can you write your name for me to help me pronounce it correctly to patients?
* When you say (example “You’re a foreigner though!”), what do you mean by that?
* When you hear someone misappropriate a term, or use a stereotype – gently explain how that is inferred as a racist statement (we all have done this without being aware – let’s help each other!)
* If you don’t feel comfortable talking, write an email or speak to someone who can share your voice.

Personal and societal change are big subjects and may make us uncomfortable with what we’ve witnessed previously or left unchallenged BUT the greatest thing we can do is listen from these experiences and learn how to make our practices, businesses and workplaces happier, harmonious and more equal. 

As a final thought and a direct quote, “It’s more powerful when you are in a position of privilege to speak up.” If you’re in a position of privilege, imagine just how much positive change you have the power to invoke. 

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