27th October, 2020

How to Work Flexibly, Without the Stress

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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In this week’s episode, Rachel and Dr Surina Chibber share what they have learnt from years of flexible working to help you become more successful and less stressed (and guilt ridden) in your approach to this style of work.

Surina is a portfolio GP and co-founder of My Locum Manager which specifically helps GPs manage the tasks that come with flexible working more easily. 

There are a lot of reasons people choose to explore flexible working, from embarking on parenthood to career diversification. Surina reminds us flexible working can be great, but will increase stress as a result if you’re not prepared. 

Working across a number of roles may require you to take on additional tasks such as marketing, tax returns, administration or professional training. 

Where your working week may start to overwhelm you, it can be really useful to write a ‘to-be’ list instead of a ‘to-do’ list to check that what you’re doing corresponds with your life desires and values.

Surina reminds us to be in the moment instead of focusing on “I’ll be happy when…”

Sometimes your time spent doing what you love creates a return on investment that you didn’t expect. Remember, the journey is the reward.

By looking at what it is you want to achieve from flexible working, you can plan your time and resources to work towards this successfully and happily. One of the best things both Rachel and Surina advocate is getting a coach or mentor (or several!) to learn from and guide you to success.

Their top tips are:


* Understand what you enjoy.
* Set boundaries over what is your work time and what your working week looks like.
* Surround yourself with people who are doing different things in their space, learn from them.


* Get the help that you need and pay for it if neccesary!
* Ditch the guilt.
* Do fewer things but better.

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