17th November, 2020

Fertiliser for Your Brain with Michael Ledzion

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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This week, Michael Ledzion joins us to discuss the cognitive benefits of exercising. We talk about how you can start making small changes in your routine that count in massive ways.

Episode transcript

Dr Rachel Morris: Welcome to another episode of You Are Not A Frog, fertiliser for your brain. Now, whether we’ve been working on the frontline or not, most of us have been sitting for even longer than usual and it’s getting harder and harder to stay active, fit, and well, particularly in the new lockdown and as the nights are getting darker earlier and earlier. Well in this podcast episode, I’m chatting with Michael Ledzion, who calls himself the sports debater. And Michael has set up an innovative organisation, which sends athletes into school to raise money, promote exercise and…

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