24th November, 2020

Bullying in the Workplace with Dr Adam Harrison

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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Bullying doesn’t just happen in the schoolyard — it can happen anywhere, even in the workplace. Workplace bullying and harassment can adversely affect an employee’s health, career and performance. Overcoming bullying should never be the victim’s burden; thus, knowing how to support victims may alleviate the situation.

In this episode, Rachel chat’s with Dr Adam Harrison, a general practitioner, medical leader, and barrister, shares his experience as a victim of bullying and how he conquered his fear of bullies . He also talks about the ‘bystander effect’ and how you can support victims of workplace bullying to combat this issue.

Tune in to the full episode to understand workplace bullying and the ways to overcome it.

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  1. Find out how humiliation and bullying affect the professionals who experience it
  2. Discover how to be resilient in the face of workplace bullying.
  3. Learn how to settle cases of workplace bullying.