27th April, 2021

Tech Tips for Happy Hybrid Working with Dr Hussain Gandhi

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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Dr. Hussain Gandhi, or Dr. Gandalf of eGPlearning, joins us in this episode. He is a GP, PCN director, and host of the eGP Learning Podblast that shares deep dives into health tech for primary care. He shares his tech and time hacks for hybrid working to survive and thrive in the new virtual environment.

If you want to find out how to improve your hybrid working experience, then tune in to this episode!

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Rachel: So we’ve been at it for a year now. Some of us love it. Some of us can’t stand it, but there’s no getting around the fact we all need to do it: work in a virtual or hybrid environment. But did you know there are some tech and time hacks that will make your virtual workplace world much less tiring and more productive? In this episode, I’m joined by Dr Hussain Gandhi, aka Dr Gandalf of EGP learning. He’s a GP, PCN director, and host of the EGP Learning Podblast, which has deep dives into health tech for…

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