4th May, 2021

Denial, Displacement and Other Ways We Neglect Ourselves with Dr Andrew Tresidder

With Rachel Morris

Dr Rachel Morris

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Dr Andrew Tresidder joins us to talk about denial, displacement and other ways medical practitioners and other professionals in high stress jobs neglect themselves.

Episode transcript

Dr Rachel Morris: How many times has someone asked you how you are? And you’ve replied, ‘Fine, been anything but’. Working in high stress organizations like health care, ‘fine’ can sometimes mean fearful, insecure, neurotic and emotionally imbalanced. And feeling like this may have become the norm for many of us. So in this episode, I’m talking to Dr Andrew Tresidder, a GP appraiser and trainer who works with practitioner health. He’s got a vast experience of working with doctors and other professionals who have been in denial about their own levels of stress and physical or mental health problems.…

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